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How can E-Power save energy? The special patented filter by Energia Europa works as the principal of noise reduction headphones. It sends electromagnetic vectors in reverse doing so it is cancelling a lot of harmonic pollution in the electricity. Cosinus Phi, power factor and active power are increased, reactive power, THDI (Total Harmonic Distortion of current) and THDU (Total Harmonic Distortion of voltage) are decreased.

The effects are that E-Power is saving energy.

For installations with lower capacity we can also install the EP-mini system. This is a compact version with the same innovative techniques as the E-Power.

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Evaluation Process

The week after commissioning of the E-Power the loads and behaviour of the E-Power are analysed.
Based on this analysis a programme for testing the saving is developed and communicated with the client. In fact it will mean that during one complete week the E-Power is switching every half an hour from operation to bypass.
The measured deltas are analysed and useful information is selected. With the measurements the statistical analysis is made and percentage saving is calculated.

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