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Power quality

Power Quality (PQ) means the ability of a system or an electrical device to operate satisfactorily in its environment without being affected by and without introducing electromagnetic interference to enable the electricity network to supply loads in a clean and stable manner.

In other words, with Power Quality we want to create an ideally perfect power supply that is always available, with a pure sine wave, noise-free and always at nominal voltage and current values.

Power Quality is primarily concerned with ensuring:
1. Service continuity
2. Voltage and current quality

The first area includes all phenomena related to the adequacy of the electrical system to supply the load at any time. The main phenomena related to this factor are power outages, of any duration.

The second area includes phenomena related to temporary failures of the electricity network and/or the presence of disturbing loads, including: transients, harmonics, reactive power, unbalance, oscillations, voltage variations and flickers.

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