Growing demand for electricity

After a period of small decline due to the economic crisis, the demand for electric energy is increasing again caused by a growing economy and climate change initiatives in many countries. This creates more a diverse field of producers of electricity like solar power and windmills, reducing the carbon footprint and decreasing the global warming effect.

PQS can achieve more efficiency with E-Power, so doing the same or more with less energy consumption, energy efficiency is the biggest challenge we are facing.

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Power lines

awareness of consumption

Energy efficiency

The awareness of electrical energy consumption is increasing, so doing the same with less energy is a challenge that often is resulting in buying new and more energy efficient tools, motors, lightning and air conditioning installations. A completely new industry has awakened in supplying this. The disadvantage of all these new, most electronic controlled systems is that they pollute the energy supply creating disturbances to other parts of the installation.
This results in an environment where less energy is used but generates so much disturbance and pollution that more electricity is required to do the same job. The effect is that the supply is getting more insecure due to this new situation and the waste of electricity is increasing.

To consider

Influencing factors

Production of electricity will change soon because power plants driven by nuclear power and coal will be closed.

This influences the alternative production of electricity.

More environment friendly systems which use warmth-cooling-power techniques, earth warmth or cold, windmills, solar power and more innovative technics are finding their route to the market. All used for generating heat, cooling and electricity. This gives a logistic challenge to the transportation net and the quality of the electricity generated. Specially the Power Quality of the electricity will be a great challenge.

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