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Electricity Saving

Power Quality Saving BV (PQS) is a company located in the Netherlands and active in the North of Europe selling a new patented technology from Energia Europa (Italy) for saving electrical energy by improving the energy efficiency in the network and its consumers. Regardless of the investments already done PQS will help you to save energy and improve the lifetime of your features.

Take the following step towards a more sustainable world by investing in energy efficiency, and at the same time benefit from a competitive payback period.

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Energy Saving

By improving your power quality with a simple installation of the patented E-Power and EP-Mini systems. The systems are installed after your electricity transformer and improve the power quality which leads to an improved energy efficiency in your company.

The increase in energy efficiency (3-10%) depends on the installed base. You can provide us with key figures, and we can estimate the costs, energy saving and resulting payback period. If the business case is exciting, we can perform a survey on site to improve the accuracy of the expected savings and substantiate your business case.

Key benefits

  • Energy saving between 3% to 10% on total consumption
  • Payback period between 3-8 years
  • Cosinus Phi improvement
  • Improvement in energy transmission and line loss reduction
  • Voltage and current peak reduction
  • Reduce the THD and reconfigure the harmonic contribution, improving the waveform

Where applicable

The systems are installed in various types of businesses:
  • Industrial buildings, Warehouses, Production Plants
  • Department Stores, Supermarkets
  • Offices, Public Administration, Municipalities
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels, Spas
  • Schools, Colleges, Sport Facilities
  • Airports, Ports, Stations


Further improve the investment payback period.
We can help you find the available subsidies to further improve on the payback time of the E-Power investment.


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Project Facts
  • 800

    Installations Completed

  • 5.75

    Average percentage

  • 62697

    Tonne CO2


The first step is to determine if a Business Case can be made. Based on electricity consumption data, annual consumption in kWh or MWh, peak load and cost per kWh a Pre-Calculation is made by PQS.

Site Survey

If based on the pre-calculation a positive Business Case can be made a detailed site survey is done by one of our experts. Goal of the site survey is to make measurements of the incoming Power Quality on each transformer, list the electrical loads so a feasibility study can be made.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is transferred to a Validation Report with scope of electrical savings with economic implications. Part of the Validation Report is the calculation of the Return of Investment (ROI). Return On Capital Employed (ROCE) and a guaranteed savings percentage of the system.

Design, Quotation & Order

After order a detail design and engineering of the installation of the E-Power system is made.

After approval the installation is started.

Installation & Commissioning

Together with our installation partner the E-Power system is installed. After installation the system will be commissioned by one of our systems specialists to ensure a care-free operation of the E-Power system.

Saving Report

Using a scientifically checked measurement protocol the actual saving of the system is measured by switching the E-Power on and off without interrupting the energy flow. The results of the performance test are presented in the Saving Report.
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